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What if there was a different way to parent?

What if parenting like you were raised works, but isn’t how you feel pulled to parent?

Parenting is such a hard task, it’s a full time job – that doesn’t have an end date, there are no lunch breaks or holidays and you don’t get paid. You mental and physical body are being worked every hour of every day.

having been a nanny for years I’ve been in and out of houses, all parenting in their own unique ways, some inspired by books, some by their parents, a lot from their culture.

Becoming a parent myself I’ve tried to block out the noise and just go with it, using my instincts and trusting them. Some days have been a lot harder, mainly because I’m working against myself and my demons. I’m not perfect, I don’t believe anyone is.

I have to remember to have patience
I have to remember my baby is learning
And I have to remember to go with my gut at all times.

I love to research and delve into different aspects of child development and how to organise my household. And I’ve recently taken myself down a rabbit hole of social media comparing and judging my self against other people, trying to walk in their shoes and have a family like theirs in the pictures.

But when I’ve taken time away from social media and came to live in the real world, I’m able to recognise my parenting for what it is, no label, no theorist, no following.

Just me, parenting from the heart, listening to my gut, learning to trust my child and follow her lead, follow my mumma bear intuition and be guided.

It may sound a little ‘woo woo’ to you, but I believe the more you tap into yourself and your inner mumma you will feel a lot more settled; you will just KNOW what to do. You may feel settled in the choices you make, whether they turn out right or wrong, at least your followed yourself and you’ve learnt something from it.

Each day you will learn, grow and understand a little bit more about parenting. Own it and live it!

I am perfectly imperfect , and so are you!

You guide me, and I will follow. Always xx

" My daughter and I have been lucky enough to enjoy a 6 week massage course and an introduction to doTerra oils class with Sophie and loved every minute. Sophie is a knowledgable teacher with impeccable patience, it’s also so nice to be able to learn in a homely environment. Thank you!"


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