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The Green Cup

Just an innocent green little cup, a favourite amongst my daughter and her little friend. Today she choose to have her milk in the dinosaur cup, which was fine until I gave the green cup to her friend..

And she reacted how we all would when your favourite cup was given to someone else to enjoy their warm cuppa in. Except toddlers are always in the present moment and aren’t able to hide their emotions.

She had a big outburst of emotions, the previous me would think it’s all about the cup and how can I solve this issue, rushing around to fix it. The now read and starting to understand complex toddlers me knows it’s all been building up and this was the last straw! (Or cup)

She let her emotions out for a good 5 minutes non stop, few tears but mainly waling and wanting to thrash out, I managed to remain calm, knowing if I let it runs it course she will feel better and I can pick up the pieces. I reminded her I was there when she was ready, I held her hands when she was going to snatch so she didn’t hurt herself or her friend and I let it be.

Giving children to the space and time to express their emotions is going to be better in the long term.

I know it’s all been too much recently, she was out last night when she would have rather been at home, she had a late night and an early start. Plus getting her out of bed so we could come to work wasn’t in her plans this morning, we don’t normally have two consecutive days working. I have to remember this season is out of sorts for little people, their routines may not be to the book and they may meet more new people in a short space of time. When really they would rather not! (Cue the 3 year old who will tell you so! again they are open and honest)

I realise it’s easier to let emotions out when you are comforted in the home and not in the shopping aisle for example, but when that day comes, as I’m sure it will! I hope I’m able to sit with her out burst and let her ride the wave. The sooner she goes up the sooner she will come down. I’ve learnt it’s not a reflection of my parenting. It’s about her emotions and development.

She asked for boobie and a cuddle and we calmed down to re connect on the sofa. Once she was happy to get up I offered her the green cup and milk, to which she had a sip and then wasn’t fussed.

By sharing this I hope to enlighten you to remember it’s not all about you. Children have their own agendas and emotions, we can’t fix it, we can’t stop it we can just be there and give space.


" My daughter and I have been lucky enough to enjoy a 6 week massage course and an introduction to doTerra oils class with Sophie and loved every minute. Sophie is a knowledgable teacher with impeccable patience, it’s also so nice to be able to learn in a homely environment. Thank you!"


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