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How do you get out of a funky feeling?

It’s not all butterflies and rainbows

I’ve been on a high recently, I’ve been feeling up there in the sky, counting my blessings and hard work.

And then -Boom!- these last few days I feel overwhelmed, I don’t feel like being vocal and I’m searching for answers outside of myself. Comparing my first steps to someone last page. I get anxious, over think and worry about the next steps.

This is when I need to look in, I need to take time, quiet the outside mind, the ego and take time to be still, listen and act from the soul. Where is my souls purpose wanting me to go, how can I get there and what is standing in my way?

Today I have taken time out with my girl, I have watched her, really watched how she’s played, what she’s noticing and what she’s enjoying. I’ve played with her, really played, making her dolls some nappies and reading soo many stories alongside soo many cuddles, and then this afternoon we went to role play, it was nice and quiet so she was able to interact with all she was interested in, alongside her friends, plus I got to have a decaf coffee and actually chat to my friends!

How do you get yourself out of a funk?

I’m by no means in the all clear, I still question myself and my abilities.

We are all a work in progress.

But I do know I can get myself into a better place step by step, asking and accepting help from those around me and taking the time to sit and listen from within.

My daughter is always the answer.

When I remember to stop what I’m doing and connect truly with her, watch her gaze, understand her non verbal and verbal communication and follow her lead. Then I know I am parenting from my gut.

I don’t need to hear anyone else’s opinion because it doesn’t matter... all that matters is that my daughter and I are understanding each other and we are connecting in a way only a parent and child can.

So think about what you can do to put steps into place when you start to feel yourself getting into a place of overthinking.

How can you ground yourself, how can you get back to yourself?

Connection is so important to help me out of a funk


" My daughter and I have been lucky enough to enjoy a 6 week massage course and an introduction to doTerra oils class with Sophie and loved every minute. Sophie is a knowledgable teacher with impeccable patience, it’s also so nice to be able to learn in a homely environment. Thank you!"


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