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Baby-wearing ... "Look! spare hands!"

My everyday wearing always involves carrying my baby.

I feel like babycarriers have come in leaps and bounds in the last 10 years - that or whilst nannying there was only one kind the parents went for, Luckily now there are more to choose from, and better structured ones for babies hips (and parents backs!)

When I was pregnant I knew I wanted a carrier, what with a dog and all the fields around, I knew carrying would be our best option. I saw my friend use a Close Caboo and after our 20 week scan I decided to find one.

In the early days it was the best carrier to have around, I fully believe in the benefits for experiencing the 4th trimester, and keeping baby close is number one priority, so if I wasn't snugging her in the arm chair, or in bed, she was wrapped onto me close and high enough to kiss, here I know she was safe and happy. The Caboo is a wrap style carrier, however it is mostly ready for you - you put it on like a T-shirt, pull on the straps and then put baby in and pull to tie some more. I found it so comfortable, baby F was born in January 2018 so it was great weather wise as I could put a light coat over us when it wasn't dry (hello snow in March!)

Newborn snugs... I think this was one of the first outings!

I would use the carrier for our morning and afternoon dog walks, and baby F started to enjoy her nap times snuggled up, if she was still sleepy I would keep it on whilst back at the house and get some dinner prepped or washing organised.. I never got the hang of using the hoover whilst carrying! (I guess some things aren't meant to be!)

I also took whilst out at dinner, even at a wedding! People couldn't believe she was snuggled in there whilst I sat and ate my dinner - with napkin over her head so not to spill any!!

When she turned 3 months I went along to our local Sling Library to see about a more structured and buckled carrier. Mainly so that my partner would feel happy carrying her on dog walks, but also because I felt the need for extra support.

I found the Connecta, and I LOVE it, I love the Caboo for the newborn and young baby stage, and it now lives in the car in case we need it. But the Connecta I feel a lot more support, now that shes heavier. She is able to snuggle in .. or hang out as she pleases!

We still enjoy morning and afternoon dog walks in it, I take it out along with the buggy if we wanted to swap her into there. And I've just got back from taking her to London for the first time, on our own.. Yes I did look like a donkey with the carrier on front, change bag on back and a small hand luggage bag. But I was able to go on the underground, feel safe knowing she is literally there, she napped whilst in a conference, and lots of feeds whilst in the carrier - on the train, underground, out for drinks... and no one even knew!

Sneaky carrier feeds

I was lucky enough to win an Oscha wrap when Baby F was newborn, it is 7 meters of gorgeous soft fabric- I haven't yet managed to work out the best way to carry, but with all things it takes time, and I need to pop along to see my Sling Library to get some hints!

Always go to a sling library, a friend in the know or the shops if you can, although youtube is a great place to see videos its always easier to have someone in person to guide you!

" My daughter and I have been lucky enough to enjoy a 6 week massage course and an introduction to doTerra oils class with Sophie and loved every minute. Sophie is a knowledgable teacher with impeccable patience, it’s also so nice to be able to learn in a homely environment. Thank you!"


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